Remix is a full stack web framework but how "full stack" can we make it? Voice user interfaces have seen substantial growth in adoption and popularity over the past years. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much visible effort to apply the latest advancements in web development (frontend development) to the field of voice UIs. I created react-ssml-dom to apply the component-based approach to voice UIs. It was a fun project and I was able to create a small Google Assistant action using React to render SSML! Now, a few years later, Remix is out and has changed the way I develop for the web! What if we could use Remix to also render voice applications? Or full stack web and voice apps? Speaker Bio: Hey there! I am a Software Engineer from Germany with a background in Information Systems. I am currently doing my master's degree in Computer Science in Palo Alto, CA! I love to develop web and voice apps. Sometimes I also study for my degree. On the weekends, I hike, watch Marvel, or listen to Syntax.fm. Please find me on Twitter or the Remix Discord server and get in touch! Follow Andre: https://twitter.com/AndreLandgraf94 Learn more at https://remix.run

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How to Debug Remix loaders and actions in VS Code

This video shows how to configure VS Code to debug your Remix loaders and actions. NOTE: You can now use the `debugger` statement instead of the external `debug()` function. I tried this before, but it didn't work. Not sure why it works now. You still can't set a breakpoint inside a route module, but you can add `debugger` statement and it will break there. You can then step through your code. I will be re-recording this video with this new info. Get the launch configuration here: https://rmx.fyi/debug

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Remix Run - Introduction to HTTP Caching

HTTP Caching is a web fundamental every web developer should eventually learn. The quickest way to a slow website is to not understand caching and ofc, the best way to make your website fast is to take advantage of it. In this video we'll explain the basics of HTTP caching, how web browsers respond to it, and how CDNs take advantage of it, by building a bare-bones Node.js server and then quickly see how to specify caching headers in a Remix App.

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"Working with Nested Routes and Parameterized Routes" by Aaron Saunders at #RemixConf 💿

We will walk through a simple demonstration of a remix application using nested routes and parameterized routes. The use of nested routes helps me with component design and separation when architecting an application. Parameterized routes / Dynamic Routes contain state information that can through the parameters that are defined on the route. This provides powerful flexibility when designing your app and app's components. Putting the two together in an simple solution to be a reference when you build something amazing. Speaker bio: Aaron is an Information Technology Strategist, Thought Leader, and Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazer - Founder & CEO of Clearly Innovative. He believes technology and in his case coding is an enabler and an equalizer. Aaron has focused a large part of his career training and developing individuals who want to get into tech but cannot find the opening; through the apprenticeship program he ran at Clearly Innovative, teaching web and mobile development at Howard University, and the free technical videos on his Youtube Channel he just want to help others get a seat at the table of tech and innovation. Learn more at https://remix.run/conf/2022/speakers/aaron-k-saunders