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Remix Austin Meetup - 10/04/23

This Remix Austin meetup took place at the H-E-B Digital & Favor Eastside Tech Hub in Austin, TX on October 4th. We had a great speaker! repo: Strapi Remix Starter: 01:49 Brooks Lybrand - Upgrading to v2 28:55 Paul Bratslavsky - How I use Remix and Strapi to Prototype Ideas Fast 46:22 Announcements Upgrading to v2 — Brooks Lybrand Remix v2 recently launched! Let's walk through what an upgrade looks like by upgrading our very own website How I use Remix and Strapi to Prototype Ideas Fast — Paul Bratslavsky I have many ideas for Saas products. They are all always bad, but I still need to try them out. Knowing this about myself, I wanted to figure out the quickest way to go from 0 to 1. In this talk, I will share how I use Strapi ( headless CMS ) with Remix. - Some of the benefits - Prototype fast - Separate content from the presentation layer - Developers and content managers can work in parallel - Small team or tight schedule - Project budget - Need a pre-build admin to manage content - Lots of content to manage I will showcase some code examples of Remix projects with Strapi and how you can go from 0 to 1. There are many great Remix stacks out there, and in this talk I will be sharing mine. Want to attend future Remix Austin meetups? Join our group to be notified of future events: