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Remix SaaS kit

Remix SaaS kit with everything you need to start your SaaS applications.FREE FOR 24 HRS!Use the code "launch" (or click here) to get 100% off today (2022-03-28)Use the code "early-access" (or click here) to get 50% off (April 2022).Individual license price - $299Team license price - $499Hello 😀!I've found the greatest full-stack framework (Remix) and you've found the greatest Remix SaaS kit out there!Why free for 24 hrs?2 reasons:Get developer's feedback. I've done this stack in 1 week 😱 Remix is so great! There could be bugs here and there.Give back to the communityFeaturesRemix + React + Tailwind CSS + TypeScriptStripe checkout (Subscriptions)Postmark emails (Forgot password, Welcome, Invite user, invite workspaces...)Prisma (Sqlite, Postgres... ORM)Multi-tenant/workspace user managementFront pages: Landing, Pricing, Contact, Register, Login...App pages: Dashboard, Profile, Subscription, Workspaces, Members, Tenant, Employees, Contracts, Links...Admin pages: Tenants, Users, Pricing, Emails...Other SaaS kitsReact + NET APISvelte + NET APIVue3 + NET APIVue 2 + NET APIGetting startedOnce you download the .zip project, follow the README.md file. Contact me if you have any questions. Or follow this tutorial.ScreenshotsFront pagesLanding - DarkLanding - LightPricing - DarkPricing - LightContact - DarkContact - LightLoginRegisterForgotResetTerms and ConditionsPrivacy policyAppDashboardProfileWorkspacesMembersSubscriptionTenantLinksEmployeesContractsContractNew tenantAdminTenantsUsersPricingEmailsNavigationComponentsSupportThe best support is feedback :), feel free to DM me.