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FUTURE of react-router v7 and Remix.run v3 EXPLAINED.

Curious about the future of React Router v7 and Remix.run? Watch this video for a detailed explanation of what's to come! Learn about the exciting updates and improvements in store for these popular tools. 🔗 Resources and Links: The article: https://remix.run/blog/merging-remix-and-react-router Remix package RFC: https://github.com/remix-run/remix/discussions/7823 Single-fetch RFC: https://github.com/remix-run/remix/discussions/7640 👍 Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more episodes in this series! Join our coding community and let's build something amazing together. 📌 Stay Connected: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlemTuzlak GitHub: https://github.com/AlemTuzlak Company Github: https://github.com/forge42dev ⏱️ Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:08 - Going over the announcement 01:22 - Why this makes sense in depth explanation 04:29 - Going through the rest of the article. 07:35 - Remix package RFC 10:45 - Remix Single Fetch RFC 14:47 - Remix future TL:DR 15:09 - The future of the packages and the great transition 17:15 - Outro 🔖 Tags: Remix framework, Vite, Remix Vite, web development, frontend development, Remix tutorial, coding tutorial, Remix Vite tutorial, open source, coding community, Vite

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What is Remix.run exactly???

We go into what Remix.run is exactly, how it works under the hood and how it improves your DX and makes your users fall in love with your website. If you wish to support the channel consider subscribing for more content. Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlemTuzlak59192 Github: https://github.com/AlemTuzlak Blog: https://alemtuzlak.hashnode.dev/ 00:00 - Introduction to Remix.run 02:08 - How does Remix operate on a server 06:30 - Server framework deep dive 09:08 - Browser framework overview 11:17 - Outro

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The Remix Philosophy is not Just for Remix | Ken Snyder | Conf42 JavaScript 2023

Read the abstract ➤ https://www.conf42.com/JavaScript_2023_Ken_Snyder_remix_philosophy Other sessions at this event ➤ https://www.conf42.com/js2023 Join Discord ➤ https://discord.gg/DnyHgrC7jC Remix Demo - Shopping List ➤ https://github.com/kensnyder/remix-demo-shopping-list Chapters 0:00 intro 0:22 preamble 0:31 what we'll cover 0:48 about ken 1:27 why should you care? 2:02 let's create a real remix app 13:18 try it on github 13:27 outlet 14:20 more complex forms 16:29 philosophy: embrace server/client model 17:21 bundles 18:13 single page app 18:39 remix app 20:10 server & runtime adapters 20:41 official list 21:23 work with web foundations 21:43 standards 23:09 request, response 23:48 fetch loves requests & response 24:26 headers 25:28 url search params 26:13 traditional react components 27:11 more traditional react page 27:46 ...or just use remix 28:07 work without js 30:11 demo without js 31:15 roadmap and future flags 31:43 roadmap highlights 32:47 future flags 34:08 applying the philosophy outside remix 35:11 we chose a new mindset 36:14 hello shoreline 36:26 thank you

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I might be enjoying Remix more than Next

📘 T3 Stack Tutorial: https://1017897100294.gumroad.com/l/jipjfm 🤖 SaaS I'm Building: https://www.icongeneratorai.com/ ✂️ Background Cutter: https://www.backgroundcutter.com/ 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/4kGbBaa 🔔 Newsletter: https://newsletter.webdevcody.com/ 📁 GitHub: https://github.com/webdevcody 📺 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/webdevcody 🤖 Website: https://webdevcody.com 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/webdevcody

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"Fast, responsive native mobile apps powered by Remix & defer" by Oscar Newman at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Get advanced with `defer` and other Remix features to power a lag-free, web-based native app, without giving up Remix's data loading and mutations on the server. Chasing the dream of write-once/run-anywhere by wrapping your website in a native app shell? Scared that a great Remix website won't feel as snappy as the instant transitions of your old SPA? Fear not—by being smart with `defer` and leveraging the browser platform, you can power a spinner-free website and super-speedy native app from the same routes. Speaker Bio: Oscar Newman is a product and design-focused software engineer working on consumer healthcare experiences at Solv Health, where he has led a team-wide migration to Remix. He's passionate about consumer healthcare and building compelling user experiences. He's dabbled in design systems and front-end tooling, and is terrible at algorithms and most coding interviews. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/oscar-newman

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"Next gen HMR in Remix" by Pedro Cattori at #RemixConf 2023 💿

How does Remix update your browser in dev? It's more than just watch mode, live reload, or even HMR. Let's dive into how Remix offers a world-class dev experience. Speaker Bio: Pedro Cattori is a software engineer on the Remix team at Shopify. He lives in Washington, D.C. He works on the Remix compiler, dev server, TypeScript integration, and writing algorithms that the rest of the team pretends to understand and prefers to never look at. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/pedro-cattori

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"Web beyond the edge" by Igor Minar & Nevi Shah at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Edge computing is increasingly being adopted by web developers these days to improve UX and decrease latency of their applications. Cloudflare Workers, Deno Deploy, Netlify Edge Functions, and Vercel Edge Functions, all have made edge computing available to developers of full stack applications. With this adoption new architectural patterns and anti-patterns for building web applications have emerged. In this talk we’ll cover how developers can utilize edge computing to build full-stack applications and what are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach. We’ll also look into the future — beyond the edge, and explore how thinking of the network as the computer will fundamentally change the architecture of web applications in order to make building planet-scale applications accessible to everyone. Speaker Bio: Nevi Shah is a Product Manager at Cloudflare. She works on Cloudflare Pages and Cloudflare D1. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/nevi-shah Speaker Bio: Igor Minar is a software engineer at Cloudflare and co-creator of AngularJS, Angular, and Karma. He has spent the last 15 years helping developers by building infrastructure, APIs, and tooling for the Web. Igor built some of the biggest web development communities during his time at Google. He collaborated with the TypeScript team to bring type-checking and better tooling to developers, as well as browser vendors to design and improve web APIs. He has also worked to establish pragmatic best practices in the web ecosystem by creating conventional commits and many evergreen libraries. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/igor-minar

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"Accelerating Web Development with Mock Service Worker" by Sean McQuaid at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Mock Service Worker (MSW) is a powerful tool for speeding up development and testing by intercepting and modifying network requests. In this talk, we will explore the benefits of using MSW and how it can be leveraged to streamline your development process. We will cover best practices for implementing MSW, including how to use it for both testing and local development. Additionally, we will discuss real-world examples of how MSW has been used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of development teams. Speaker Bio: Sean McQuaid is a Senior Software Engineer on the Customer Technology Solutions team at Chick-fil-A. Prior to learning how to code, he attended music school and played the trumpet professionally for over a decade. Sean is very passionate about testing, performance, and tools that provide a good developer experience. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/sean-mcquaid

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"Lightning Fast E-Commerce: Remix with Shopify Hydrogen" by Alexa Spalato at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Join us for a thrilling ride as we explore the world of headless e-commerce with Shopify Hydrogen! This tech stack is taking the e-commerce industry by storm, and in this talk, we'll show you just how easy and fun it is to build a high-performance online store using Hydrogen's ready-to-use React components. From creating collections and products to implementing a shopping cart, we'll cover it all and give you the tools you need to elevate your developer experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Shopify Hydrogen and see firsthand how it can revolutionize your e-commerce projects. Speaker Bio: Alexandra Spalato is a Developer Relations engineer at Storyblok. She was born and raised in France and lives now on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. While working as a freelance developer and entrepreneur, she decided to fully specialize in the JAM Stack. She is an advocate for headless architecture and has taken that advocacy full time at Storyblok. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/alexandra-spalato

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"Get Rich Quick: AI-Powered Remix Apps" by Andrew Petersen at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Want to get rich? Step 1: Buy *.ai domain Step 2: Create pitch deck and start picking out private jets You've already got your Remix app, now just layer on some OpenAI GPT-3/4 so you can justify one of those .ai domains and raise a bunch of money. We'll look at how to utilize a Large Language Model (LLM) in a Remix app. We'll unpack some interesting performance constraints, and identify the technical mechanics to work around them. Speaker Bio: Andrew Petersen is a full-stack developer with over a decade of professional experience. He excels at leading development teams and collaborating with non-technical stakeholders. When not coding, you can find him in the backcountry with his wife and two dogs. Their favorite spots are in southern Utah and Idaho's Sawtooth mountains. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/andrew-petersen

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"Good Bye Spinners: Enhancing UX with Optimistic UI" by Giovanni Benussi at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Most of the time our API calls work, so why don’t assume that they’ll do and provide a seamless experience? Optimistic UI means to simulate a positive response from the server before receiving one. This talk will introduce examples of optimistic UIs, highlight their benefits, and provide guidance on incorporating them into our applications. Speaker Bio: Giovanni Benussi has been a full-stack developer for more than 12 years. He started working on Ruby on Rails, eventually working on new features, maintenance, and scalability for the framework. Nowadays he works primarily with React. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/giovanni-benussi

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"Remix Live Loader" by Alex Anderson at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Like most things in Remix, realtime data comes with the platform! Server-sent Events let us pass messages from the server to connected clients, making it possible for instant updates when any user makes a change. But how can you use this to make sure every route's data is kept fresh? Enter useLiveLoader, a technique to connect Server-sent Events with useLoaderData to always keep your data fresh. With just one hook, we get the same route data loading as useLoaderData with automatic real-time updates. Let's take a peek at what realtime in Remix looks like, and how to build this kind of hook for your own app. Speaker Bio: Alex Anderson is a software engineer at Echobind, a full-service software agency. He's a maker in many mediums, including code, baked goods, games, tech courses, and music. A spaceship enthusiast, Alex created Thorium: an open-source platform for live-action spaceship bridge simulations. He enjoys building games and puzzles with the web. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/alex-anderson

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"Remix API" by Shane Walker at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Using Remix to create a stand alone API is simple, fast and really fun! In just a couple minutes you can stand up a super straight forward API. This can let folks dip their toe into the wonderful world of remix without rewriting their front end. Speaker Bio: Shane Walker is a self-taught developer with a passion for learning new things and watching them come to life. From his first “Hello World” app, he was hooked. He is invigorated by solving problems in code. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/shane-walker

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"Reaching new heights with Remix, Prisma and Google Cloud Run" by Brian Lee at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Let's look at real world look at a migration from a React SPA and self-managed Express API to Remix on Google Cloud Run in a production setting. At Nellis Auction we made the jump and have insights to share with those of you looking to make the switch as well (hint: the performance boost for our customers was dramatic). Speaker Bio: Brian Lee is the VP of Engineering at Nellis Auction, an advisor at Reality Defender, and is currently seeking Masters in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Brian graduated from UNLV in 2013. Throughout his career he has worked in many areas, including geographic information systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, custom video streaming, mobile development, and gaming engines. His work has spanned several languages and technologies, but it was always nestled within the web ecosystem. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/brian-lee

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"The Epic Stack" by Kent C. Dodds at #RemixConf 2023 💿

Modern web development is fantastic. There are so many great tools available! Modern web development is exhausting. There are so many great tools available! Each of these sentiments is true. What’s great is that most of the time, it’s hard to make a choice that is wrong. Seriously. The trade-offs of most of the frameworks and tools you could use to build your application fit within the constraints of the vast majority of apps. Despite this, engineers consistently struggle with analysis paralysis. Let's talk about this, and a solution I am working on for it. Speaker Bio: Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. He is the creator of EpicWeb.dev, EpicReact.Dev, and TestingJavaScript.com. He's an instructor on egghead.io and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is married and the father of four kids. https://remix.run/conf/2023/speakers/kent-c-dodds