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Remix SaaS kit

Remix SaaS kit with everything you need to start your SaaS applications.FREE FOR 24 HRS!Use the code "launch" (or click here) to get 100% off today (2022-03-28)Use the code "early-access" (or click here) to get 50% off (April 2022).Individual license price - $299Team license price - $499Hello 😀!I've found the greatest full-stack framework (Remix) and you've found the greatest Remix SaaS kit out there!Why free for 24 hrs?2 reasons:Get developer's feedback. I've done this stack in 1 week 😱 Remix is so great! There could be bugs here and there.Give back to the communityFeaturesRemix + React + Tailwind CSS + TypeScriptStripe checkout (Subscriptions)Postmark emails (Forgot password, Welcome, Invite user, invite workspaces...)Prisma (Sqlite, Postgres... ORM)Multi-tenant/workspace user managementFront pages: Landing, Pricing, Contact, Register, Login...App pages: Dashboard, Profile, Subscription, Workspaces, Members, Tenant, Employees, Contracts, Links...Admin pages: Tenants, Users, Pricing, Emails...Other SaaS kitsReact + NET APISvelte + NET APIVue3 + NET APIVue 2 + NET APIGetting startedOnce you download the .zip project, follow the README.md file. Contact me if you have any questions. Or follow this tutorial.ScreenshotsFront pagesLanding - DarkLanding - LightPricing - DarkPricing - LightContact - DarkContact - LightLoginRegisterForgotResetTerms and ConditionsPrivacy policyAppDashboardProfileWorkspacesMembersSubscriptionTenantLinksEmployeesContractsContractNew tenantAdminTenantsUsersPricingEmailsNavigationComponentsSupportThe best support is feedback :), feel free to DM me.

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Remixtape is the modern SaaS boilerplate with everything you need to build better websites with Remix.DatabaseBring your own DB with the best-in-class Node.js and TypeScript ORM Prisma.AuthenticationAuthenticate users with their email and password without compromising on security using the state-of-the-art password hashing algorithm Argon2id.TeamsYour codebase is ready for teams out of the box. Admin users can invite teammates to their organization with is own billing management and invitation workflow.PaymentsSubscription payments are powered by Stripe Checkout. You get everything you need to manage a team's subscription, including webhooks handlers and customer portal.Self-serve account managementThe following user flows are already implemented for you so users can manage their own account without having to email you:RegistrationPassword resetAccount deletionSubscription cancellationEmail and password modificationDX nicetiesBecause small things do matter.Pretty loggingEmail previewsFully typed input validationEasy SEO meta & link tagsAutomatic code formatting and lintingBackground jobs processing with Quirrel