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FUTURE of react-router v7 and v3 EXPLAINED.

Curious about the future of React Router v7 and Watch this video for a detailed explanation of what's to come! Learn about the exciting updates and improvements in store for these popular tools. πŸ”— Resources and Links: The article: Remix package RFC: Single-fetch RFC: πŸ‘ Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more episodes in this series! Join our coding community and let's build something amazing together. πŸ“Œ Stay Connected: Twitter: GitHub: Company Github: ⏱️ Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:08 - Going over the announcement 01:22 - Why this makes sense in depth explanation 04:29 - Going through the rest of the article. 07:35 - Remix package RFC 10:45 - Remix Single Fetch RFC 14:47 - Remix future TL:DR 15:09 - The future of the packages and the great transition 17:15 - Outro πŸ”– Tags: Remix framework, Vite, Remix Vite, web development, frontend development, Remix tutorial, coding tutorial, Remix Vite tutorial, open source, coding community, Vite

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Homegrown Remix Middleware (feat. Kiliman)

Kiliman shows Brooks how to use two new packages he's created for homegrown session context and middleware, and walks him through authentication and session management examples in a Remix application. remix-express-vite-plugin πŸ‘‰ Learn more about Kiliman πŸ‘‰ 00:00 - Introduction 00:44 - Kiliman's background with Remix 02:44 - Thoughts on Remix's routing convention 06:47 - Motivation for homegrown middleware 09:24 - Setting up the project 11:03 - Setting up express-dev-server and remix-create-express-app 18:36 - Setting up middleware 19:38 - Implementing session middleware 31:23 - Implementing auth middleware 40:55 - Comparing with the RFC 47:33 - Final thoughts Learn more at

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Roadmap Planning #11

- Public roadmap πŸ‘‰ - RFCs πŸ‘‰ - "Open Development" blog post πŸ‘‰ 00:00 - Introduction and current work 10:18 - Overview of "In Progress" 13:44 - Fog of War 18:50 - Split out client loaders/actions 24:19 - Middleware and Server Context 40:48 - SSG Learn more at