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The Power of Form - Kent C Dodds

Kent C. Dodds teaches us that forms on the web are already incredibly powerful, so let's not try to reinvent them! Instead, with Remix, we'll leverage their strengths and write less code in the process! Even without JavaScript, Remix lets us get some great form-based interactions. This was part of a twelve developer stream where we raised $10,000 for TeamSeas to remove trash from the ocean! It was a fantastic team effort and a whole lot of fun. It all happened over on our Twitch channel: Check out the other guests from the stream: A huge thanks to our sponsors who each matched $1,000 of our donations, turning 5K into 10K! Prismic CMS - The headless, component-based CMS for the Jamstack Netlify - Develop & deploy the fastest web experiences in record time Cloudinary - Image and video upload, storage, optimization, and CDN StepZen - A GraphQL API in minutes on the Data and SaaS APIs you use Orbit - Grow and measure your community across any platform with Orbit, mission control for your community View the list of donors here:

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Working with Remix Form Data on Netlify

Remix is a JavaScript framework that aims to make creating a production ready application easier than ever. A Remix stack is a template preconfigured with popular tools to get you up and running faster. Netlify's templates team created the K-Pop Stack that integrates Remix with Tailwind CSS for styling and Supabase as the database. Brittney Postma is hosting with Kent C. Dodds, co-founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix, to build a site using the K-Pop Stack, showing how form data works in Remix, and deploying it all to Netlify. Join them for a live coding session. We'll try to field questions as we go and learn how to take your sites to the next level with Remix and Netlify. - K-Pop Stack ( - Netlify ( - Remix (